Filter 8™ Polarized / Standard Lenses

 Grey Base Lenses

Silver Flash / Polarized Silver Flash

Silver Flash Polarized & Standard Lens

One of the darker lenses offered.  The multi-coat, Z-Oxide mirror over smoke lenses reduces glare and is excellent on bright days.

Light transmission: 12%

Crimson Mirror / Polarized Crimson Mirror

Crimson Mirror Polarized & Standard Lens

Excellent for constant sun / very bright conditions.  Ideal mirror for driving, snowboarding, skiing, etc.  Reduces glare and improves contrast.

Light transmission: 16%

Smoke Grey / Polarized Smoke Grey


Smoke Gray Polarized & Standard Lens

Provides glare reduction without distorting colors.  Excellent in bright conditions and a perfect all-around choice for sports on water and land.

Light transmission: 14-20%

LA™ Light Adjusting Smoke Grey


Light Adjusting Smoke Gray Lens

Photochromic lenses darken and lighten depending on brightness for maximum optical clarity.

Light transmission: 85% to 17% in sunlight

Amber Base Lenses 

Amber / Polarized Amber


Amber Polarized & Standard Lens

Greatly reduces high energy visible light and haze while enhancing contract and depth perception.  Ideal for low light/cloudy days.

Light transmission: 13%

Emerald Mirror / Polarized Emerald Mirror

Emerald Mirror Polarized & Standard Lens


Designed to amplify contrast for superior visual performance.  Provides distinct colors and crisp acuity in all light conditions.

Light transmission: 15%

Venice Gold Mirror / Polarized Venice Gold Mirror

Venice Gold Mirror Polarized & Standard Lens


Amber base lenses are great for sunny conditions.  Polarized version is ideal for fishing in shallow water and target shooting.

Light transmission: 12%

Green Base Lenses

Blue Mirror / Polarized Blue Mirror


Blue Mirror Polarized & Standard Lens

Multi-coat lenses made for the open water.  Absorbs reflections across mirror surfaces and diminishes glare.  Ideal for bright conditions.

Light transmission: 11%

Platinum Flash / Polarized Platinum Flash


Platinum Flash Polarized & Standard Lens

Multi-coat Z-Oxide mirror provides maximum glare reduction without distorting colors.  Great for general daytime use.

Light transmission: 13%

Smoke Green / Polarized Smoke Green

Smoke Green Polarized & Standard Lens


Provides maximum glare reduction without distorting colors.  Reduces glare and brightens shadows.  Great for general daytime use.

Light transmission: 23%

 Other Base Lens Options



Copper Ballistic Lens

Superior visual definition.  Makes orange-colored targets stand out.

Light transmission: 12%

Bronze / Polarized Bronze

Bronze Polarized & Standard Lens


Superior visual definition, increased contrast and enhanced ground level contours in most light conditions.  Ideal for driving or motorcycle riding.

Light transmission: 14-20%

Polarized Yellow


Yellow Polarized Lens

Has the greatest clarity in low-light conditions.  Ideal for fishing, hunting and other outdoor sports.

Light transmission: 30%


Vermillion Standard Lens


Best option for medium to low-light conditions.  Sharpens contrast and brightens targets.  Ideal for water activities, skiing and extreme sports.

Light transmission: 50%



Purple Ballistic Lens

Great for medium to low-light conditions.  Sharpens contrast and brightens targets.

Light transmission: 38%

Light Rust

Light Rust Standard Lens


Filters out most blue light waves, the chief component of glare and haze.  Enhances contrast in medium to low-light conditions.

Light transmission: 86%

Pale Yellow


Pale Yellow Standard Lens

Best light enhancing lens tint.  Increases contrast in low to extremely low-light/hazy/dull conditions.

Light transmission: 86%


Clear Standard Lens

Maximum light transmission.  See precise color values.Perfect for hazy, overcast and dusk/dawn conditions.

Light transmission: 89% 




Glare off the water and other light colored surfaces can diminish vision at critical moments and cause eye fatigue. Wiley X FILTER 8™ polarized lenses combine eight layers of lens technology:

Two Slick™ hydrophobic coatings 
Two Selenite™ polycarbonate lenses 
Two T-Shell™ scratch-resistant layers 
One Violet 4™ anti-reflective coating
Filter 8™ polarized film layer that creates 100% polarization with 100% UV protection

Filter 8 Polarization Comparison Image