Polarized Green Mirror

(Copper Lens Base Color)

Captivate Polarized Green Mirror Lens 

High contrast tint enhances clarity in blue colors and differentiating greens/browns.  Provides enhanced sight while fishing on flats, rivers and streams. 

 Light transmission: 12%

Polarized Bronze Mirror

(Copper Lens Base Color)Captivate Polarized Bronze Mirror Lens

Cuts down glare making it perfect for sight fishing in shallow water, red clay or brackish water.  Also a good option for outdoor activities such as baseball, golf and cycling.

 Light transmission: 15%

Polarized Copper

(Copper Lens Base Color)

  Captivate Polarized Copper Lens

High-contract tint that equalizes the environment.  Red, green and yellow color enhancer.  Cuts down glare making it perfect for sight fishing.

 Light transmission: 16%

Polarized Blue Mirror

(Grey Lens Base Color)

  Captivate Polarized Blue Mirror Lens

Cuts glare from severe sunlight and excels in uncovered environments that are typically associated with saltwater fishing.

 Light transmission: 10%

Polarized Red Mirror

(Grey Lens Base Color)

 Captivate Polarized Green Mirror Lens

Elevates greens while providing maximum shade.  Keeps colors true.  Great for deep water fishing to cut top-water glare and severe sunlight.  Excels in environments associated with saltwater fishing.

 Light transmission: 13%

Polarized Grey

(Grey Lens Base Color)

 Captivate Polarized Grey Lens

Darkens the light while brightening the world!  Provides maximum shade while enhancing contrast of greens, blues and yellows.  Great for general daytime use.

 Light transmission: 13%

Polarized Rose Gold Mirror

(Green Lens Base Color)

  Captivate Polarized Rose Gold Mirror Lens

High performance on slightly cloudy/overcast days.  Further enhances contrast while providing a true color experience.  Great for outdoor activities on bright days.

 Light transmission: 15%

Polarized Platinum Flash

(Green Lens Base Color)

  Captivate Polarized Platinum Flash Lens

Glare reduction across all environments.  Further enhances contract while providing a true color experience.  Great for outdoor activities on bright days.

 Light transmission: 13%


Benefits of Captivate Lenses!!

CAPTIVATE™ filters out the confusing light where blue merges with green (500nm) and green merges with red (585nm). This allows more light where it’s easier for your eyes to see, resulting in enhanced blues, greens and reds for a true color experience.

Blue light with shorter wavelengths and higher frequencies scatter light and create haze. By filtering out this “bad” blue light, CAPTIVATE™ removes the haze and allows distant objects to be seen more clearly.

CAPTIVATE™ polarized lenses allow the beneficial side of blue light – blue-turquoise rays – to be seen. This helps maintain the body’s Circadian biological clock and the sleep/wake cycle. This beneficial blue light also boosts alertness, helps memory and elevates mood.

CAPTIVATE™ polarized technology is offered in a variety of lens tint options so you can fine-tune your experience based on the specific needs of your environment.

By eliminating the bad blue light haze while separating and enhancing colors in the visual spectrum, CAPTIVATE™ lenses will enhance depth perception.

CAPTIVATE™ blocks the UV/HEV rays of light that are harmful to our eyes, reducing the risk of damage to retinal cells and age-related macular degeneration. It is important to remember that spending one hour outside on a normal overcast day exposes our eyes up to at least 30 times more blue light than spending one hour inside sitting in front of a screen. Wiley X CAPTIVATE™ is the only premium polarized eyewear brand that blocks out all bad blue light up to 430NM.